Руководство по памятованию и медитации Випассана по методу досточтимого Прамоте Памоджо

Venerable Pramote Pamojjo (English Subtitle)


Иллюстрированное руководство по буддийской медитации
для начинающих

Нам очень повезло,
что мы живём во времена, когда всё ещё
существуют подлинные учения Будды.
И мы — одни из немногих, кто искренне
интересуется их изучением.
Это — особая, редкая возможность.

The myth of power of gentleness and friendship

There is an old myth about the sun and the wind…

They argued over who has more power. The wind said, “Do you see a man with a cloak there? Watch carefully, with my power, I can make him remove his cloak.”

Once the sun heard that, the sun went behind the clouds so that the wind could do what the wind wants extremely.

The wind started to blow and blow strongly, stronger and stronger that it started to become a big storm. The man bended to hold on to his cloak tightly to against the wind and to keep himself standing. The stronger the wind blew, the more the man held on tight to his cloak. Finally the wind felt useless and began to stop blowing and withdrawing.

The sun then came out from the clouds and started to smile gently to the man before shining slowly.

The man raised his hand to wipe his sweat on his forehead and looked up to the sun. He then began to remove his cloak.

The sun smiled gently to the young man and the wind, and said..

“With my power, if I were to shine extremely, I might have killed him but with gentleness and friendship, they are more powerful and effective. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I only wish to give the best for him with my friendship and that was all I did.”

Edited from Aesop’s ancient fables.


The great forgiveness

A boy who just turned 14 years old has committed a horror crime. A young boy with dirty and messy brown curly hair, whose face appears to look like a sickly child, has just committed a crime no one has ever expected. He triggered a gun and a bullet went though the middle of another boy’s chest that boy fell in front of his eyes.

After the gun shot, his hands were shaking; he felt giddy while his ears deafened by the sound of the gun shot and cheer from his friends around there.

Both of his hands were continuously shaking while he’s still holding the gun. He looked down at another boy who fell down over his blood pool.

His heart beat so fast with pain. He felt like he wanted to cry.

This is the first time he killed a person.

After this incident, he had to keep running away and live with worse terror than ever before. Life as a homeless boy that he would always be starveling and scared cannot be compared to this event. To kill that boy was just to be accepted among his group of friends but it has affected crucial result to a big change with his life and his life will never be the same again forever.

He got arrested by the police at the end.

He was then brought to the court for prosecution.

At the court, as he looked up, he saw eyes expression of pain that seems tearful but it is now full with rancor. The eyes expression that stared at him was the eyes expression of a mother, a mother of the boy he killed.

He couldn’t do anything but avoiding eye contact and lowing his head.

The mother of the dead boy walked up to him. He didn’t look up to the mother of that boy but could hear her cold voice that said, “I will kill you.”

Finally he was sentenced to prison.

In prison, as a homeless boy, he has no parents nor relative nor friends. He’s got nobody else. The mother of that boy was the only who always came for a visit until he was released from the prison.

Because of his criminal history, when the mother of that boy found out he couldn’t find a job, she helped him get a job.

When she knew that he’s got no home, nor no place to go, she also let him stay in the house.

He’s got a job to work, got a place to sleep, got proper meals and has a place to stay.

Time has flied by. He’s now living on a new path.

Then in the evening one day, she called him in the room. Both of them were sitting on a sofa. She said, “Do you still remember that when we were in the court, I said to you that I would kill you?”

“Yes I remember”

The mother of that boy looked and continuously said that “I didn’t want to see someone who killed my child alive. I visited you in the prison, found you a job and got you a safe home to stay.”

The boy looked up at the mother of that child, a woman who helped him start a new life. He didn’t understand what she meant and why she would mention about this. Is it because she wanted to kill him today?

The mother of that boy looked out as if she was speaking to the wind, “Now that teenage boy was dead.”

She took a deep breath and turned to him. The young boy saw her tearful eyes.

He felt guilty, in pain and could also feel how she felt.

“Now you’re a new person.” She continued.

“I thought that if you wanted to stay here with me, I might wanted to take you as my son. Will you be son?”

The young boy wiped his tears and rushed to hug her. They both cried.

From a homeless boy who never has parents, never has a home, never has anything. Today he has started a new life from the great forgiveness by this woman, who is a mother.

(From a true story that happened in the USA.)