The myth of power of gentleness and friendship

There is an old myth about the sun and the wind…

They argued over who has more power. The wind said, “Do you see a man with a cloak there? Watch carefully, with my power, I can make him remove his cloak.”

Once the sun heard that, the sun went behind the clouds so that the wind could do what the wind wants extremely.

The wind started to blow and blow strongly, stronger and stronger that it started to become a big storm. The man bended to hold on to his cloak tightly to against the wind and to keep himself standing. The stronger the wind blew, the more the man held on tight to his cloak. Finally the wind felt useless and began to stop blowing and withdrawing.

The sun then came out from the clouds and started to smile gently to the man before shining slowly.

The man raised his hand to wipe his sweat on his forehead and looked up to the sun. He then began to remove his cloak.

The sun smiled gently to the young man and the wind, and said..

“With my power, if I were to shine extremely, I might have killed him but with gentleness and friendship, they are more powerful and effective. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I only wish to give the best for him with my friendship and that was all I did.”

Edited from Aesop’s ancient fables.